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Advantages of the Upper Arm Brace

Advantages of the Upper Arm Brace

Eshealithtips.com – The Upper Arm Brace has two distinct parts – the anterior and posterior segments. The posterior segment extends from the elbow to the bicep. The curved sidewalls connect the anterior and posterior sections and form a U-shape. They are expandable in a horizontal direction. They accommodate large and small arm girths. They are a versatile device for arm injuries. For more information, see the benefits of the Upper Arm Brace.

Upper and Lower Arm Support Components

Modified bracket assemblies 14a and 14b of the present invention comprise upper and forearm brace members. Each has an inwardly-curved configuration. At its lower terminal end, a pair of brace members 146 is interconnected. One member includes a slot 100 and the other has a threaded opening 102. The upper arm 20e may also include a brace member. Moreover, a forearm strap 64, 64a, and the upper arm 20e may be used for the brace.

An Upper Arm Brace includes discs 38 that exert continuous pressure on the condyles of the wearer. These discs are preferably bulged and outwardly bowed so as to focus inward spring pressure at their connection points. A transparent cushioning material can be used to cover the discs. There are many advantages of this brace. It is designed to reduce discomfort caused by the elbow, wrist, and shoulder injuries.

The RT Pro Maverick Front Upper Arm Brace is made of 1/8″ American steel. CNC bending makes it fit perfectly on all Maverick models. The kit includes all necessary hardware for installation. The brace is made in the U.S.A. and is 100% COMFORTABLE. A few variations of this product may exist. A customized orange anodized version of the upper arm brace is available.

Retaining Element Included to Secure the Upper Arm Brace

The brace assembly of the invention comprises a wrist strap 60 and a forearm brace 14. The strap is fastened to the wrist by means of a bolt or threaded shaft 68. A wrist strap 70 over the brace’s pad 72 forms an anchor for the brace. An upper brace may also include a strap 70 that is disposed over the web portion 64. A keeper element 152 may also be included to secure the upper arm brace.

The OmoTrain brace from Bauerfeind has a unique design that guides the arm into its socket. They are easy to put on and take off, and they don’t hinder the wearer’s mobility. Furthermore, the OmoTrain brace provides total contact while allowing a range of motion for the arm and shoulder. It can be used for various purposes including treatment of shoulder dislocations, brachial plexus injuries, Erb’s palsy, and tendon transfers.

The first member 74 of the brace curves over the forearm of the wearer and extends to the lower end of the ulnar bone at the styloid process. Its opposite end is connected to a threaded opening 66 of a wrist strap or other anchor means 60. The first member 74 may be two-piece or be interconnected through an adjustable connection means 80. The opposed portions of the brace are slid into overlying contact.

Reduces Risk of Bone Healing Failure

Another benefit of the Kineto series of products is that they are better than plaster casts. Unlike traditional plaster casts, these braces are more comfortable and reduce the risk of bone healing failure, arm muscle shrinkage, and stiff joint problems. The air cells in the brace provide even circumferential pressure, which decreases the risk of arm muscle strain and fracture. In fact, the sling can help prevent a broken arm from becoming painful.

A first embodiment of the Upper Arm Brace includes a bracket assembly 14a that is attached to a forearm strap 62. The bracket assembly 14b may include a spring 48 that interengages between the arm 20a and the outer surface 44 of the disc 38. The spring flexes the disc outward, allowing the rod 42 to move outward and to the right. The second embodiment of the upper arm brace includes a keeper element 162 that is disposed within the brace members 150.

Another type of Upper Arm Brace is the broken arm envelope sling. This inexpensive option is made of moisture-wicking fabric and is comfortable to wear. In addition, the thumb loop allows the user to relax their hands. Full arm braces are also available for people with elbow injuries. In addition to the upper arm brace, the Bort OmoBasic (r) upper arm sling is a versatile open-arm brace. It’s used primarily for traumatic injuries to the arm and shoulder. It’s important to purchase the right size.


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