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Eshealthtips.com – Do you enjoy writing health-related content? Or are you looking to submit a guest post on health care topics? You may start writing for us right now because this chance is open to anybody, expert or beginner, who wants to entertain our visitors with nice educational information. We sincerely hope you can provide us with the best masterpiece content.

Nowadays, guest posting is a method mostly used that bloggers as an option to improve your site better in SERPs. As a blogger, all you have to do is discover and obtain the right sites that will assist you. The same as the other site. We aim to give good health care content to our loyal audience and build the site better in search engines. So, if you think you are capable enough, submit your guest posts right away.

Why Writing Guest Post Here?

Every day, we have thousands of visitors who are excited to read our content. It may be your chance to share your expertise with the rest of the world. By writing here, you may request a biography to build your writing career. Aside from that, here are some of the benefits you can get when you decide to write for us:

  1. Get Quality Traffic. Submitting guest posts to us can help you get quality visitors and organic traffic in the health niche. This is the number one advantage that most bloggers want to achieve.
  2. Build Domain and Search Engine Authority. Guest posting, in my perspective, is the ideal way to increase your blog’s search engine authority and build authoritative backlinks.
  3. Develop your Online Influence. Submitting and publishing guest posts actually help you get a new audience and visitors. By reading your articles, they start to think of you as a good author and it can increase your online presence.
  4. Build Your Portfolio and Credibility. Guest posting can make you more known by people rather than your competitors. This would also help you build your reputation among the readers, and also establish your authority.
  5. Improve Your Writing Skill. We are different from other sites since we’ll help to review your writing work and give you the advice to build your content. With this, you can build your writing skill.
  6. Increase Your Exposure and Brand Awareness. Guest posting would help you on promoting your brands, product, services, and expertise to wider audiences.
  7. Build Your Social Media Profile. Guest posting is an excellent means of communicating with the right people. By writing for us, you can get more followers on your social media. This is because our site allows contributors to leave at least one link to social media account in the author’s bio.

About Our Site

Eshealthtips.com was created in 2022 with the goal of providing high-quality content to those interested in health care. We aim to provide health-related knowledge that is both informative and educational. We are grateful to everyone who writes for us since they have made a significant contribution. Right now, we have around 65 contributors and are continually expanding. We hope you could be a part of our team.

Things to Consider When Writing for Us

You have to prepare your best quality content with health coverage. Make sure you follow the guidelines and the articles should be informative to our readers. So, don’t want so long, here are the guidelines:

  1. Don’t submit previously published work, even on your own website. It will get you disqualified before you can create guest posts on our site. Just make sure to write and submit original content that is free of plagiarism and copy-paste.
  2. We prefer content above 1000+ words in English that have good grammar and fewer spelling errors.
  3. Always prioritize quality above quantity. Give us just high-quality content that’s valuable and informative for the audience. Write content/articles that are educational for our readership.
  4. You should write for us health care content that’s SEO-optimized by using relevant keywords and anchor phrases. More importantly, it should flow organically rather than being forced to include keywords.
  5. Optimize the content using relevant media such as images, videos, or graphics. This would add more value to your content and attract more audiences. Don’t forget to contain copyright when you attach images/videos from outside resources.
  6. Use proper headings, subheadings (H1, H2, H3, etc.), and bullets/numbering in your writing work. Also use short, easy-to-read paragraphs. We love articles/content which contain answers to the most frequently asked question.
  7. Please do some research about our site, what content we love, and our writing style before submitting your writing work here.

Please keep in mind, that we do not accept anything which is not related to our coverage. We’ll reject your submission in the first place if it’s not under our standards. So, make sure to consider and follow our guidelines properly. Also, take a look at some of the categories that would be acceptable on our site below.

Write for Us Coverage Topics

Since our site is open for guest posts, we wouldn’t accept each submission without reviewing it first. Generally, we just approve write for us content under health care coverage. Please read through the following topic categories to get an idea of the type of content we want to publish.

  1. Health Remedy, you can write content/articles about organic medicine, herbal, and tips to reduce the symptoms using natural components.
  2. Health Care is mostly about how to prevent and heal sickness, a healthy lifestyle, and the proper diet articles.
  3. Healthy Diets Recipes for beginners who want to start a diet and weight loss, proper meals with balanced calories, and healthy food for consumption. If you have tips about these categories, fill out the form to submit your content.
  4. Beauty Tips such as hair treatments, manicures, pedicures, skincare, makeup, and anything about beauty content. When you experienced write those kinds of content, make us know your work.
  5. Wellness & fitness are anything about physical exercise to help you build muscle mass, simple sports at home, yoga tips, and basic yoga movements. If you prefer the articles like this, submit your guest post now.
  6. Everything related to health as long as it could be informative to our visitors, we welcome you to send a submission here.

One more time, please don’t send us any content unrelated to the site’s topics. However, when you have similar health content but not been mentioned yet, please do let us know and we will review it for you.

How Do You Submit Guest Posts?

What are you waiting for? Let’s write for us to make you get more opportunities on building your authority. If you are ready, you can send the piece of your article by mailing us to [email protected] or you can also submit an inquiry from the form below. We will reply to your inquiry asap after reviewing it in a week.